Established in 2003 we specialise in Education, Training, Marketing and Management. We have a broad portfolio of partners that has been developed over the past 12 years.

Education & Training - As a private training provider we work with group and individual clients. Our group clients are schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, private organisations and voluntary organisations. Our individual clients include both young people and adults who have a desire to further their education, training and employment opportunities.

Marketing - We provide an array of marketing services that are based on a fundamental principle of matching our clients' strengths with their customers' needs. We have a depth of experience working with small and medium sized organisations across a wide range of industries.

Management - We manage educational and training programmes for a whole spectrum of organisations. These programmes are managed and delivered over short, medium or long term periods depending on the requirements of the client.

Sports Academies - We work with governing bodies, schools, colleges, universities and organisations in the UK and overseas to develop and deliver Sports Academies. The Sports Academies provide an ideal opportunity for people who want to pursue their sporting interests whilst combining this with education. The Sports Academies are continually growing in a range of sports.

Football Scholarship & Education Programmes - We work with professional and semi-professional football clubs to offer youth footballers an opportunity to develop their game and continue their full time education through our professional and comprehensive education programme. We combine preparation for a career in football with an academic course appropriate to their needs and aspirations. Our unique programme  engages the players practically and academically.